Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aidiladha Moonlight

Just playing with my 70-300mm lens. The night of Aidiladha celebration..calm and nice night..with the half moon...

The image were shot in front of my house...and of course, the picture had been cropped to get the full image of the moon...


The image had been touched to get the sharpen image but..not as sharpen as 500mm lens..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Creative Lighting Effects

Is been a long times not to use my flash gun for fun. I'm become attracted back to my flash gun when I view a photo in the internet that use Nikon CLS flash gun. And for today, I'm trying to do the same thing like them with my Sony wireless flash gun.

For this projects, meet our model, Mr. Bear who will be our subject. He actually a bear that attached with my convocation, here he is...

For the 1st lighting set, the wireless flash were put at the top of right of the subject..


The 2nd lighting set is, the flash were put at the top and behind the subject..Here it is look alike...


the 3rd set is, actually my favorite the bottom left of the subject..


The last one is, bottom and behind the subject..this is great for mysterious subject purpose...


There is a lot of position that you can try in order to get your favorite lighting effect. That is why they call it 'creative lighting'...

Love that last forever...


The turtle is a symbol of a long life as it is a long living creature ever known. We as a human, were always to love and to be love someone or something. Either your family, friends, or your special one.

The message of this picture is, we always want it to be long-lasting feeling that will last until our last breath.

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